6 Bottles 2013 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Limited Production: 900 Cases

I’ve noticed that the 2013 Cabernets seem to have an added dimension of brightness in the glass. I’m not sure what that indicates, but it’s there. It was very enticing when I poured this wine into the glass and the delicious aroma of sweet black fruit rolled over the rim and wafted across the table. Very pure aromas of black cherry, red cherry, and briary currant are most notable along with a compelling nuance of blackberry ganache chocolate. The ample fruit aromas are cradled and enveloped by hints of cedar and eucalyptus and a dusty, earthy, minerality. There is a pleasingly hefty feel as a blanket of powdery, earthy tannins carry rich black currant, plum and black cherry into every corner of the mouth. Black fruits, briar and very slightly smokey, sweet oak with licorice linger on the finish. There is an intriguing marriage here of earth, briar and black fruits. This wine has excellent weight while possessing an elegant presentation. It's structured, soft, round and complex… oh-so-drinkable! It’s becoming apparent that there are many opposing, yet harmonious characteristics to this wine. Hmmm, is it our winemaking or is it the vintage? Enveloping tannins also have a plush feel; dusty earthiness is married to juicy fruit, and big structure still has an elegant personality. It all adds up to a wine that is complex, balanced and very drinkable; just the way we like this wine to be. January 2016


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6 Bottles 2013 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
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